Katherine is the crossroads to the live cattle export industry, trucking cattle from the Kimberley’s, North Queensland and the Northern Territory to the ports of Darwin, Wyndham and Broome.

In March 2000 the Australian Bureau of Statistics reported that there were 1.57 million head of cattle in the Northern Territory of which properties in the Katherine Region held 38.2%, or 599,439 head.

Two of the largest Live Cattle Export Depots in North Australia are situated close to the town. Live Cattle are exported through the Port of Darwin to the Philippines, Malaysia Indonesia and the Middle East. 201,482 head of cattle were exported out of Darwin in 2005/06 of which most were sourced from the Katherine and Barkly regions.

Katherine is one of the fastest growing centres in Northern Australia with potentially huge growth in agri-business and tourism.

With plenty of land, sunshine and water Katherine is the place to live and do business in.