Development Guidelines

Katherine Town Council’s Development Guidelines is aimed to provide a clear, structured and practical set of requirements and procedures to assist developers, consultants and contractors involved with all forms of land development in Katherine Town Council has direct or indirect interest.

Council has a wide range of responsibilities under the NT Local Government Act (LGA) in addition to its role under the Planning Act. Under the LGA, Council I specifically responsible for:

  • Maintenance and management of most public roads and verges
  • Vehicle access to properties
  • Traffic control
  • On street and off street parking
  • Footpaths and cycle-ways
  • Foreshore protection
  • Stormwater drainage
  • Waste collection
  • Council owned land and public spaces.

For all forms of Development (including subdivisions) it is strongly recommended that Developers discuss their proposal, especially in respect of the above items, with Council at an early stage. This ensures that the Developer if fully aware of Council requirements and any issues can be discussed, negotiated or agreed to prior to the issue of the Development Permit.

Please click on the attached link for the full Katherine Town Council Development Guidelines here.

This document supersedes the previous edition of the Katherine Town Council Guidelines for Subdivisions in the Municipality.

NB: Where reference is made to zoning specifications, the Katherine Town Plan 1981 should be read in conjunction with the Development Guidelines.

Should you require any further information or clarification please contact Council’s Director Works & Services (08) 8972 5500.