Publications and Policies

Final Municipal Plans

Municipal Plan 2018/19

Municipal Plan 2017/18

Municipal Plan 2017-18

Municipal Plan 2016/17

Municipal Plan - 2015/16

Municipal Plan - 2014/15

Municipal Plan 2013 /14

Municipal Plan 2012/13

Municipal Plan - 2010/11

Submission to Katherine Town Council Final 2011 - 2012

Municipal Plan - 30 June 2009 - 2010

Plan of Management 2008 - 2009

Elected Members

Caretaker Policy 2016

Code of Conduct Elected Members

Community Open Forum Policy

Elected Members General Policy & Procedure 2016

Information and Interaction with Staff Policy


Cemetery Policy 2006

Infrastructure, Planning & Provision

Leusire and Recreation Policy 2006

Open Space Policy 2006

Plant Maintenance Policy

Recreational Reserves Policy

Sale & Disposal of Land Policy

Public Forum Question Form
The Public Forum is held at 5.30pm  before each Ordinary Council Meetings. Click here for the  Public Forum Question Form. This form enables your question/comment to be answered by the Elected Members if you are unable to be present at the public Forum.


Agenda - Committee Meeting Agenda - 15 February 2018

Minutes - Audit Committee Meeting - 5 June 2018

Ordinary Meeting of Council - Minutes - 23 January

Accounting Policy Manual

Asset Disposal Policy 2015

Audit Committee Chairperson Responsibilities

Audit Committee Charter

Audit Committee Independent Responsibilities

Budget 2018/19

Borrowing Policy 2013

Conditional Rating Proposal - 2014/15

Conditional Rating Proposal - 2015/16

Conditional Rating Proposal - 2016/17

Conditional Rating Proposal - 2017/18

Credit Card Policy

Deferment of Rates Policy

Financial Management Policy

Fraud Protection Policy

Minor and Attractive Items Policy

Payment Plan Policy

Procurement Policy

Rate Concession Policy

Rates - Multiple Dwelling Policy 2017

Rates Declaration 2017

Rating Strategy 2018

Revenue Policy

Stock Take Policy 2016


Community Advisory Committee Policy Guidelines

Conflict of Interest Policy 2016

Donation (Library) Policy

Governance Policy

Katherine Public Library General Policy 2017

Lost and Found Policy

Privacy Policy

Sustainability Policy

Volunteer Policy

Youth Policy

Works & Services

Asset Management Policy

Minor and Attractive Items Policy

Moving of Urban Nature Strips Update

Register of Members Interest

Register of Members Interest