The Katherine Tindal Civilian Airport is located approximately 15 km south of town, along the Stuart Highway. The Katherine Town Council established a working agreement with the Tindal RAAF Base in the early 1990s for the joint usage of the airstrip and associated facilities.


Turning right off Tarakan Road onto Dawson Drive and following it to the end, the Civilian Terminal is open 24 hours a day and 7 days a week for the convenience of all industry users.

Security surveillance cameras operate throughout the civilian side of the Airport and an electronic security gate system is also inplace to prevent unauthorised persons access to the airside. All users of the Katherine Tindal Civilian Airport must be current holders of a valid ASIC (Aviation Security Identification Card). An intercom is located on each of the main access gates and admission to and from the airside through the security controlled gates is only possible after positive identification and presentation of this card.

Several companies utilise the Katherine Tindal Airport as a base for their operational services throughout the region. Private charters from Katherine may be arranged directly with the various companies.

Facilities & Equipment

The shared runway has the capacity to accommodate aircraft as large as a 737–400 or equivalent. Pilots are able to phone ahead to turn on RPT (Regular Public Transport) Apron lighting at the Airport - for the contact number please visit ERSA .

Upon arrival, aircraft personnel are able to utilise the Katherine Town Council’s baggage collection equipment, mobile stairs and terminal facilities.

Office space and hanger/storage facilities are also available for hire from the Katherine Town Council. Refuelling of aircraft is available by contacting Tindal Refuelling or by accessing the self service AVGAS bowsers.

Information & Assistance

Please click here for the relevant fees and charges associated with parking and the hiring of facility space at the Katherine Tindal Civilian Airport (page 27).

For any further information please contact Council’s Airport Manager on 08 8972 5500 or 0418 853 395.

Aviation Industry personnel who require further information with regard to specific regulations or requirements for the Katherine Tindal Civilian Airport, may find additional assistance from the following sites: Air services Australia
Australian Airports Association Civil Aviation Safety Authority